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A fully qualified stylist that specialises in all types of haircuts and reshapes.


A beautiful selection of bridal looks for your special day.


A range of beautiful colours from highlights, balayage to colour change.


A selection of blowdrys for all types of hair


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The ones I love, use on my hair and on my clients.   Shampoos – one of the most important products you use daily! Using shampoo in your hair is like putting cleanser on your face. The better quality cleanser…

I recently took the plunge and cut my long mane into the much talked about “lob”. Like every girl with long hair, the thought of cutting it petrified me. My long hair has always felt like a part of me….

Here are some of my tips for the limp hair war. Finer textured hair can be the bane of our lives when we want to style it. We all want that big bouncy look, with lots of added volume. Having…

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