The ones I love, use on my hair and on my clients.


Shampoos – one of the most important products you use daily!

Using shampoo in your hair is like putting cleanser on your face. The better quality cleanser with less chemicals and alcohol, the better for your skin. It’s the same for shampoo.

Many over the counter shampoos contain ingredients that make your hair feel lovely and clean but can dry it out and strip that lovely colour you spend money on maintaining.  As the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’. Paying the extra few euros on a good quality shampoo is worth it as your colour fades less, you get more shine and your hair is in better condition. Go to your local salon or salon services shop to get advice and prescribed a certain type of shampoo for your hair.

My hair is dyed blonde and recently I added brown to my roots, My hair is dry but oily also. So I guess you could call it combination. Some of my favourite shampoos are:

  1. Kevin Murphy – Balance wash – I find this great as it treats coloured hair with its anti-fade properties but it’s light and kind enough to use daily.
  2. Kevin Murphy – Blonde Angel Wash – I love this to keep my blonde nice and clean. I use it every third day and it really brightens my blonde.
  3. Kevin Murphy – Maxi Wash – I use this once a week. I find it great to give my scalp a proper clean from using products daily. It really helps get rid of product build up.
  4. Redken – Clear Moisture – Is a moisturizing shampoo that gently cleanses your scalp and can be used for everyday use. It’s lightweight and your hair always feels lovely from it.
  5. Joico K Pa – This is amazing for really damaged and chemically damaged hair and has a keratin silicone


Both Kevin Murphy and Redken do a whole range of shampoos prescribed for different hair types. These are ones I find work best for me. Every 6 months to a year I try out new shampoos so my hair doesn’t build up a resistance to products.

Conditioner and Leave in Conditioner – like your moisturiser!

The better quality the conditioner, the more hydrating and nourishing it is for your hair. My hair is dyed blonde and I tend to have dry ends and oily roots. Here are some of the conditioners and leave in conditioners I love:  

  1. Kevin Murphy-  Hydrate Me Rinse – I love to use this after I have had a spell of styling my hair with hot tools or using a lot of colour or product in it. I put it through my mid ends and ends and leave it for a couple of minutes.
  2. Kevin Murphy- Angel Rinse – is my favourite conditioner as a daily wash. I find it nice and light and really hydrating.

I could not live without a leave in conditioner and always recommend to my clients to have one. You will never look back once you start using one. The are full of protein and goodness for your hair. It’s like using a daily serum on your face. My two favourite are

Redken Anti snap and Kevin Murphy Leave in repair. Both are great for daily use and you’ll see a noticeable difference in your hair. Especially if you have dry or chemically dyed or damaged hair.


Texture Spray – my all time favourite product!

Who doesn’t want loads of texture and volume plus that undone look that is all the rage!

My go to texture sprays are:

Kevin Murphy- Doo-over (Dry finishing Spray) – adds gorgeous light texture. I prefer Doo-over for down styles as it’s a lighter texture and I usually want to spray it all over myself it’s smells so good! I usually prep the hair with this for dry down styles. I also love it as a finishing spray as it recommended but it is miscellaneous product.

Label M texture spray – great for upstyles and adds loads of volume and sits on the hair well.  also love it as a finishing product and works great on long and short hair. (Available at all Toni and Guy Salons Nationwide )

Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair texture spray – I have just started using this and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Definitely something I’ll be adding to my kit again.


What’s in my hairdressing kit bag?


Redken Anti Snap (An investment for your hair) Redken Anti Snap

Kevin Murphy Doo-Over (You won’t regret splashing out on this)

Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair

Label M Texture Spray – All Toni and Guy Salons Nationwide

Kevin Murphy Shimmer me Blonde Spray – (I have an obsession with this and the smell is to die for) Great for blondes Kevin Murphy Shimmer me Blonde

Kevin Murphy Full Again (An amazing thickening and styling Lotion)

Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity (I love this oil free volumiser, really light with great results and you can get it in spray form)

Tigi Masterpiece ( I love, love this hairspray, it’s light but with great hold and my favourite to work with) Tigi Masterpiece

Kevin Murphy Session Spray (AMAZING Hold and I like to use it at the very end of particular upstyles)

Kevin Murphy Powder Puff (A great little product that adds volume without been to gritty and gorgeous texture for them dreamy upstyles)

Kevin Murphy Hair Resort (Fantastic for people with a curl or kink, add some leave in conditioner with it and I love using this and drying the hair with the diffuser) In a spray option also

Kevin Murphy Fresh Again ( I really don’t like a dry shampoo that is to powdery or leaves too much residue but this one is amazing and smells so good)

Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo ( Another amazing lightweight product with really good results. You can get it for darker or lighter hair tones) Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo

I have an abundance of products in my kit but these are my favourites and everyday go to. All products are tagged and if anyone would like advice or a consultation on your hair and products that would be suitable and prescribed to you please email me on


‘Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off’

E x